Turlock Concert Association, Inc.
Officers/Directors, 2019–2020

The Officers and Board of Directors of the Turlock Concert Association are pleased to serve you. We appreciate the support of our faithful subscribers and generous donors. We enjoy hearing from you and encourage your comments and suggestions at each event.


President: Ken Weisel

Fundraising (1st VP): Gary Sanders

Subscription (2d VP): >Darlene Runsten

Publicity (3d VP): >Eric Julien

Minutes (Recording Secretary): Lauren Byerly

Accounting/Treasury (Treasurer): Lorraine Gonsalves

Subscription Secretary: Darlene Runsten



Hospitality: Eric Julien

Ushering: Marian Jessee

Outreach: Donna Harrison

Programs: Mary Sai

Internet/Website/Social Media/Software: Eric Julien & Gary Sanders

Brochure: Barlene Runsten

Concert Coordination: VACANT (Coordinates tech rider and last-month-before-concert details among Artist, Venue, Hospitality, etc)


Other Committee Assignments:

Betty Brugger: Fundraising

Ruth Cunningham: Subscriotion Cte

Marian Jessee: Subscription Cte, Brochures

Programs: Mary Sai

Michael Fuller: Backup Recording Secretary

Eric Julien: Brochures

Darlene Runsten: Outreach, Brochures

Betty Sanders: Fundraising


Ohter Board Members:

Cindi Anson

Marcie Fernandes

Chris Hackler

Cindy Pacheco

Dieter Renning

Hanna Renning

Adele Rosas

Would you like to become a Turlock Concert Association Board Member?

Since 1940, the Turlock Concert Association has brought outstanding local, national, and international live entertainment to Turlock area audiences and music education to local schools. TCA presents five concerts of live music per year to annual ticket subscribers and buyers of individual concert tickets. TCA also sponsors two in-school music education programs free to schools and students.

TCA has no paid employees. It is operated by its Board Members, who serve without compensation. Board Members must be subscribers, however, the bylaws allow the Board to give a free season subscription to full-time students who volunteer significant service to TCA. A student volunteer granted a free subscription qualifies for election to the Board.

Operating a non-profit organization requires a variety of knowledge and skills. TCA would especially appreciate the efforts of anyone who wants to learn and gain experience, or who has experience, in an area such as marketing/sales, fundraising, publicity/communications, or technology/social media. TCA could also use a coordinator between performers, venues, and the association. Any sincere and dependable level of effort would be appreciated, along with attendance at most Board meetings.

What does TCA offer a Board Member?

  1. An opportunity to help bring music and music education to the Turlock-area community
  2. A vote in choosing performers
  3. An opportunity to learn how to operate a non-profit business in the arts
  4. An experience that enhances a resume
  5. For a student, a free subscription to TCA concerts with attendance rights at other concert associations (Modesto, Lodi, etc)

If you would like to be considered for a Board Membership, contact Darlene at 209-480-4020.

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